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One Night Stand

12 hours. 50 teams.
four-person teams only.
Lake McMurtry Red Trail.
Dec. 1-2, 2018.

A sleepless night with District Bicycles.

District Bicycles presents One Night Stand, a 12-hour mountain bike odyssey from 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 1 to 7 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 2 at the Lake McMurtry Red Trail.

Field is limited to 200 people/50 four-person teams. Teams can be co-ed or gender specific — it’s totally up to you! Teams are required to have four members. Pets don’t count.

Camping at Lake McMurtry is included in the registration fee. BYO camp food. There will be plenty of campfires. Restrooms are on site. What else do you need?

Registration info

Pick a team. Make up a rad team name. One team member pays registration fee of $200 and registers team name. Team members register individually under team name and pay the first person back, because you’re friends.

NOTE: When team members register under an existing team name, the total on the right side of the webpage will display a balance of $214.50 until the registrant clicks through and opts to join an existing team, after which the balance due will drop to $0. DON’T FREAK OUT.

Registration opens 8 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 14. Registration closes Monday, Nov. 26. You must have all your team members registered by that date.

Other cool info

Electronic timing will be provided by the beautiful people at Red Dirt Race Management, Inc. There will be one timing anklet per team, which must be transferred amongst riders.


Rider check-in begins at 4 p.m. at the East Pavilion, near the trail head.


Find Google directions to the East Pavilion/Red Trail head here.

Parking passes will be provided upon check-in.

Rules and FAQ

  1. Don’t be a jerk.

  2. Do I have to pay to park at the Lake? Nope. We will provide parking passes for you.

  3. How does the timing work? The fine fellows at Red Dirt Race Management will provide each team with one ankle bracelet timer, which must be rotated among your team members. That means when you’re done riding your lap(s), you have to stop, take off the timer, hand it to the next rider, and they have to put it on before hopping on the trails.

  4. How many laps do I have to ride? As many or as few as you want without making the rest of your team mad, or too sleepy. You guys can figure it out ahead of time or play it by ear at the race. You can ride a lap, take a break while your team members ride, ride two more laps, take an extra long break, ride, break, ride, etc. You get the idea. Completely up to you and your team.

  5. How does the race start? We are doing a Le Mans start at the lake shore, up the road and on to the Red Trail. Approximately a 50 yard dash to your bike and then a short bit on pavement to get everyone spread out before hitting the trail head.

  6. WTF is a Le Mans? The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the world’s oldest running sports car race. When the flag drops, drivers run to where their cars are parked on the track, climb in, start and drive away. We are basically doing the same thing, but with… bikes.

  7. Do we get number plates? Nope. Instead of us providing number plates, each team can enter a team plate contest.

  8. What’s this about a team plate contest? Number plates will not be provided, so make your own. Teams will compete for the most beautiful, rad, ridiculous, crazy, cool team name plates. The weirder, the better. Judges will be on site throughout event to determine the most awesome plate. Bribes like warm cookies or whiskey are not not encouraged. Winning team will be announced 7:30 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 2. Cool prizes will be awarded. Count on it.

  9. Uhh do I have to enter the team plate contest? No, but we recommend it because why not? Note: each team member must have a plate for the whole team to enter.

  10. What am I supposed to do when I’m not riding? The world is your oyster. You can eat, drink, nap, goof off, run around, make new friends, write poetry, hang around the camp fire, and pull general shenanigans. Just make sure you’re back in time to ride your laps.

  11. What’s the food sitch? We will have PLP Food Truck out there for dinner Saturday night 5:30 p.m.-9 p.m., and breakfast Sunday morning 6 a.m.-9 a.m.

  12. I like beer. Will there be beer? Due to Oklahoma laws, we have to distribute all alcohol through a bartender. SO we will have an open bar and a bartender on site Saturday night to serve beer and whisky 5 p.m.-10 p.m.

  13. Will the course be lit? In the sense of “crazy and awesome", yes. In the sense of “actual illumination” on the course, no. That’s the whole point of a night ride.

  14. Are lights required? Um yes. The more the better, but definitely a front and rear light.

  15. Podiums…is that happening? Yes. The top 3 teams with the most fully completed laps will be the champions of One Night Stand. A team member must leave on their final lap before the 12 hour mark at 7am for it to count toward their number of laps completed. This means that a rider can leave on their final lap at 11 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds into the event and complete that lap after the 12 hour mark and it will count. All this being said…racing is fun but it isn’t more fun than just riding bikes, standing around a campfire, sharing a beverage, and creating an experience with one another. Let’s not take it too serious, but kick each other’s asses at the same time.

  16. Can I cut the course? See rule No. 1.

  17. I heard there’s a new addition to the Red Trail. Will that be on the course? Hell yes.


Don’t see your people? Tell them to get registered!

Team #BeatJeffy
Robert Thompson (Captain) | Emporia, KS | M
John Jury | Sublette, KS | M
Smitty Smith | Emporia, KS | M

Team Always Pullout
Todd Otanicar (Captain) | Tulsa, OK | M
Christian Tolen | Tulsa, OK | M
Joseph Evans | Tulsa, OK | M
Jeff Thomas | Tulsa, OK | M

Team Big Pig Racing
Wil Bloodworth (Captain) | Frisco, TX | M

Team Black Cat Bicycle Club
Zac Ramsey (Captain) | Midlothian, TX | M
Micah Phillips | Arlington, TX | M
Marcus Gillespie | Irving, TX | M

Team Bonez
Thomas Wuller (Captain) | Stillwater, OK | M
Carolyn Fairless | Sand Springs, OK | F
Eric Gudgel | Stillwater, OK | M
Scott Nutt | Stillwater, OK | M

Team Cake Club
Trevor Steward (Captain) | Stillwater, OK | M
Rob Lamecker | Stillwater, OK | M
Peter Barlow | Oklahoma City, OK | M
Brett Stevens | Perkins, OK | M

Team ChuCkson BarRay
Ray Ray Ray-Ray (Captain) | Oklahoma City, OK | M
Jackson Renshaw | Oklahoma City, OK | M
Chuck Peters | Oklahoma City, OK | M
Barry Latschar | Choctaw, OK | M

Team Dangerous Dynamos
Olivier De Kelper (Captain) | Stillwater, OK | M
Adam VanDeventer | Stillwater, OK | M
Brandon Neal | Stillwater, OK | M
Abby Biedenbach | Stillwater, OK | F

Team Double B Squared
Lindsey Bond (Captain) | Norman, OK | F
Aimee Bean | Mustang, OK | F

Team Friendship Rocket
Paul Killen (Captain) | Edmond, OK | M
Alyssa Smith | Wisconsin Dells, WI | F
Tasha Liliburn | Stillwater, OK | F
Joseph Porter | Glencoe, OK | M

Team Have Gravel Will Travel
Jim Cummins (Captain) | Emporia, KS | M
Shawn OMara | Emporia, KS | M
Scott OMara | Emporia, KS | M
Jeff Young | Emporia, KS | M

Team Iron ChileHead Gigolos
Marty Johnson (Captain) | Wichita, KS | M
Troy Hendricks | Wichita, KS | M
Derek Klufa | Wichita, KS | M
Jerry Bratt | Wichita, KS | M

Team Make Shift Crew
Chuck Tucker (Captain) | Emporia, KS | M
Jaffar Agha | Emporia, KS | M
Chris Britain | Emporia, KS | M
John Keosybounmheuang | Emporia, KS | M

Team NordicGravel
Jens Sonnichsen (Captain)| Bradenton, FL | M
Jeff Franson | Denver, CO | M
Aaron Apel | Manhattan, KS | M
Brian Kelly | Stillwater, OK | M

Team Oklakota
Eric Schlabach (Captain) | Guthrie, OK | M
Gabriel VanDusseldorp | Rapid City, SD | M
Jake Marple | Edmond, OK | M
Josh McCullock | Arcadia, OK | M

Team Second Base
Steven Treaster (Captain) | Oklahoma City, OK | M
Jorge Valdez | Oklahoma City, OK | M
Dustin Smith | Oklahoma City, OK | M
Richard Brown | Edmond, OK | M

Team Stillwater Summit Co.
Brady Moore (Captain) | Stillwater, OK | M
Ryan Simon | Stillwater, OK | M
Gabbi Shelton | Stillwater, OK | F
Thomas Adams | Stillwater, OK | M

Team Stillwater Trail Crew
Dennis Mayberry (Captain) | Stillwater, OK | M
Ken Shelton | Shawnee, OK | M
Ryan Voit | Stillwater, OK | M
Amelia Wilkeson | Stillwater, OK | F

Team The Morning Afters
Shawn Dunn (Captain) | Shawnee, OK | M
Andy Dyke | Shawnee, OK | M
William Keys | Oklahoma City, OK | M
Glenn Burton | Shawnee, OK | M

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