Salsa Powderkeg 1x11 Tandem

Salsa Powderkeg 1x11 Tandem

We like weirdness. We like it a lot. We also love doing things that we haven't seen done before. When Mike from Dalhart, TX asked us to get creative on a custom Salsa Powderkeg for him and his wife's anniversary we were ready to make something ridiculous happen. Let's start getting weird. It was absolutely possible to put all the chains, timing and shifting, all on the drive side and it was absolutely possible to have a killer gear range with a 1x setup. After a handful of headaches with chainring clearance, crank spiders, and not having enough beer to keep us calm we finally made it happen. This is one insanely light and responsive tandem. We didn't weigh it, of course, but we promise it rules. 

Chris King, because Chris King

Chainrings are oh so close, but they do not touch no matter what gear you're in.

TRP HY/RD are the perfect setup on the tandem. Tons of stopping power.

110 BCD Road Spider installed on a GX MTB crank to give the space needed for the rear 1x chainring. Austin at the shop made this beautiful conversion happen. Without him, most things wouldn't get done.

Chris King again...because Chris King

New Bontrager Line 29 wheel set is light, tubeless, wide, and totally rad.

Teravail Sparwoods are perfect for this adventure tandem.

Overall, we couldn't be more stoked for how this build came together. It took lots of conversations and tons of behind the scenes struggles but everything works and it's perfect. A handful of rides later and Mike and his wife are ready for any gravel road together.

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