What will follow are the photos taken during our time on the Tour Divide 2016. I have decided to post them in order of the route that we rode. Beginning with Canada and the last post of New Mexico. 

I believe everyone who attempts or completes the Tour Divide has difficulty putting the experience into words. Photographs even fail at telling a complete story or coming remotely close to portraying the amazing triumphs or insane pain or terrifying moments we all encountered. Seth Wood and myself from District Bicycles completed the route in 24 days and 1 hour or so. Averaging about 113 miles per day. Eating absolutely everything we could get our hands on, and coming close to wiping out the Pop-Tart and Coca-Cola inventory along the spine of the country. We began the ride with our good friends Troy Cowin from Norman, OK and Jesse Ramsey from the Detroit area of Michigan both also rookies of the Divide. 

This is Canada, or portions of it that we lived in, experienced, and rode through. It took us 2.5 days to make it to the U.S. border at Rooseville, MT, and we couldn't have been happier to see the U.S. of A.

Scroll through the gallery to see Canada in all it's glory.

Bailey Newbrey. Chicago, IL native. He finished the race in 19 days and some change. On a single speed Salsa El Mariachi with drops. His mustache only got more manly as the days wore on. Also, he only washed his jersey and bibs once. Rad.

We were rained on for 110 miles straight the first day. Ten hours of wet, mud, and 40 degree temps. Then, as we rolled in Elkford Canada we were greeted with this beautiful reminder.

The 2nd day the trail turned into a creek. We forged as the mountains seemed to get even more beautiful all around us.

The descent awaiting us to Wigwam camp ground was breath taking. I will never forget it. I only wish I could've photographed as we rode the next 15 miles from this spot.

Aero bars quickly took on a second use as a dryer for our socks and gloves. We were wet for almost the first 7 days of the Tour Divide this year.

We made it. 253 miles in Rooseville, MT. The toughest climbing was ahead, and for me personally the most difficult part of the entire ride.

I started District Bicycles in Stillwater, OK with my wife Crystal. Promoter of the Land Run 100. Creator of unlearnpavement.